Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I thought this was a cool video by H. Choi

Assignment # 2

I wanted to give my response to the process of producing Assignment # 2 and my thoughts about the final cut of the film.
We only had a few ideas about what we were going to for the multi-plane animation when we walked into the room. Most of the groups creative ideas came on the fly. The process of shooting a multi-plane animation is a tedious one. Every small movement takes time and detail to film correctly in order to tell a story. A lot of care was placed into having several things moving in the shot. We were not only moving the main characters but also the sea monster, the sun, the clouds, and the ocean below the cliff. I believe in the filming process we did one thing differently than other groups. At certain times while shooting we shot more than the recommended 3 clicks of the camera. There were certain times during the course of the film that some group members decided needed six or seven clicks of the camera. In hindsight this was a fabulous idea as it allowed more material to work with in the editing stage of the process. Getting back to the actual filming of the movie, it was a long shoot. At the end of the alotted class time I had to leave to go to another class, but the rest of the group was able to stay behind and get the photography finished.
After seeing the developed footage of what we shot I was very happy with how things came out. I had some reservations about what the outcome would look like, but what we had done looked pretty amazing. Now it was time to take the footage through the editing process.
The two John's in our group did a fabulous job of not only editing this together but also adding the sound. I know that they spent a few hours in the editing lab trying to get the outcome we ended up with. They told me they added in another few clips from what another group had shot so I was interested to see how the final cut would look.
After seeing the final cut the group did a great job, and the two Johns did a great job in the lab, especially with the sounds. They not only had the ambient sounds of the water, but the creature noises and gun sounds were great. The music that played over the action solidified the movie for me, they picked a great song for the film. All in all I think that we told a good story and learned a lot in the process. This was a total success

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Getting Nervous

I don't know if I'm the only one that is overwhelmed by the amount of projects that will be do. My partner Elaine and I have a couple of ideas about what to do for the rhythmic editing excercise, but I'm still trying to coordinate finishing up a couple more assignments with my group members and getting the class project done. I'm a little nervous about doing the rough cut editing as I am not that familiar with Final Cut. The class members I am doing it with have told me that they'll help me out, but it is still a little nerve racking. John and I are going into the lab to edit our Super 8 Multi-Plain animation. I liked what I saw of our work when the entire classes was edited together and we have disscused how we are going to weave in some other groups footage to make ours even better. I think that it has the possibility of looking real good. I guess I'll feel a lot better once some of these projects are completed instead of just nearing completion. I kind of like to take care of stuff early, but in these cases I need the help of my group members.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

100 Frame Animation

This is going to be a quick post as I just wanted to say a couple of things about the 100 frame animation. I just completed it and it was a little harder than I expected. My art skills are awful so that didn't help. I drew on the template and then traced the template onto the film using the sharpie. After I completed that I realized that the figures were a little light and retraced on the back of the film strip. I think I did everything correctly, we'll see I guess.